Delighting, educating, & connecting people with design.

Sign. Symbol. Ornament. Construction. Poetics. Play. Order. Craft. Practice. These are the rooms of the Palace of Typographic Masonry; and they are the pillars of my work as a graphic designer.

Hello, my name is Isabella Moira Serimontrikul. I am an award-winning designer and a versatile and trustworthy proven professional with experience in multiple industries. Diverse and multi-disciplinary teams motivate me and feed my passion for learning. I lead a life of perpetual scholarship in which everyone is my teacher.

The skills I offer you are various. First and foremost, I am adaptable. I can identify areas of need and develop creative solutions; improve processes; lead creative teams; and work within a team. I am a subject matter expert in typography, composition, and color usage. To supplement my skills in design, I also practice calligraphy, illustration, and writing.

Resumé available at request.

Features & Articles

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