MEDIUM Coffee by Amaya Roasting Co. ✕ Workhorse Printmakers

“If Medium is a substance regarded as a means of transmission of a force or efect then coffee is a medium of caffeine; caffeine is a medium of energy; energy is a medium of productivity. If medium is also a condition or environment in which something may flourish, then productivity is a medium of printmaking; printmaking is a medium of communicatoin; and what is coffee if it isn’t a medium of communication.”

An entirely letterpressed and foil-stamped packaging project, Medium poetically articulates the symbiotic relationship between creatives and coffee. Using authentic wood type as the starting point for the brand, Medium is a brand child of neither Workhorse nor Amaya, but represents a statement of common inspiration and purpose between the two companies: producing well-crafted and quality goods. The package included one reusable tin container, one inspirational mini poster (five color possibilities), and one 12 oz. bag of medium roast Colombia Coffee. Amaya Roasting Company delivered them as gifts to its primary distributers in Houston.

Creative direction by Workhorse Printmakers; distributed by Amaya Roasting Company, 2017
+ Identity design
+ Copy-writing
+ Packaging design
+ Social media campaign
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