Medieval Texts, 2017

Calligraphy, Packaging

Medieval Texts is a stationery set that juxtaposes instant messaging language with traditional calligraphy to humorously reflect on the evolution of communication and expression in the digital age.
The set includes three stationery booklets labeled with a belly band; each booklet contains three postcards and matching envelopes. The post-cards were illuminated with gold ink on duplexed cardstock. The envelopes contain an interior pattern created with enlarged calligraphic textures.

The hand done calligraphy is of 17th century Italian Gothic origin.

The Medieval Text series includes three commonly used instant messaging acronyms: LOL (Laugh Out Loud); OMG (oh my God/goodness); and BRB (Be Right Back).

Exhibited at the UHGD18* Graduation Show at the Midtown Arts & Theatre Center Houston (MATCH).

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